About Us

Ehireme Omoaka is the founder of NativeSkins, his journey began 6 years ago when he couldn't find products in the mainstream market to support his skin type. This sparked the hunger and desire to make such a product that was for him, by him.


A few years past and he built a reputation amongst family and close friends of producing a perfect formula that worked for their skin too, so the idea of commercially selling it came to mind. He recently became a qualified Complimentary Therapist and has added an aromatherapy element to the business and aspires to merge the body butter with other massage therapies in the near future. With Co-founder Bruno Correia coming on board we have been able to make this dream come true.

Bruno Correia is an entrepreneur and co-founder of NativeSkins he is always looking for business ventures, he suffered from dry skin for a long time and tried various different skincare products but nothing was working for him. He has always been a person who prefers natural products, so when his friend (Ehireme Omoaka) presented him with his amazing natural Shea Butter concoction he fell in love with it straight away and wanted to be part of the brand so he invested and that’s the beginning of their skincare journey.