NativeSkins Body Butter

An essential natural home-made product with organic ingredients for all your skincare needs. NativeSkins is made with a whirlwind of oils to feed the skin and can be used from head to toe, it provides you with a combination of all-natural scent appeasing, Texture appealing and wonderfully healing Body Butter.

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Customer Feedback

"I love NativeSkins body butter. The texture is gorgeous and absorbs into my skin so easily with no greasy feel, just pure moisture and skin hydration. Im so happy with the shea butter, I feel so soft after using it and my skin literally glows all day!


Thank you NativeSkins for such amazing products.

My skin thanks you too! I'm showing my glow!"

Camille, London

"NativeSkins... Really love this cream. It's great on the face and the whole body. Its texture is smooth, its not oily, price is also good. The smell is great. I would recommend this to anyone."

Ian, London

"I purchased this product at the start of lockdown for a  dry skin fungal condition and I can confidently say that it has almost now cleared up after I have been using a little in the morning and before bed. The delivery was quick and the personalised card have the added professional and personal touch. I will be ordering

again and I have already recommended to others."

Judy, London

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